Curio Shop

“Everything Elephant” Curio Shop

Before you leave the Park, we invite you to have a look around our “Everything Elephant” Curio Shop. Here you will find those special gifts and memorabilia, to remember our elephants by. Whether your preference is classic or rustic, the curio shop specialises in all products elephant-related. Some items even include dung from our very own elephants!

With an emphasis on supporting local crafters and traders, ‘Everything Elephant’ has something for everyone: From clothing to curios, artwork to hand-painted fabric, jewellery to handmade or recycled items, even elephant dung paper and compost, the curio shop has the widest selection of elephant items.

Photography Department

The curio shop also houses our photographic department, where our in-house photographers prepare and present photos that may have been taken during your elephant encounter.

A selection of prints, photocards and USB options are available….Making your memories last a lifetime!

Photos (Hi-Res) on USB R220
A5 Photo Print R45
A5 Print in Photocard R55
A6 Print in Photocard R65
Photocard (A6 print) and USB Combo R250