Elephant Lodge

Sleepover With Elephants

Built within the elephant sleeping quarters, our Extraordinary Elephant Lodge offers guests the unique opportunity to spend the night with our herd of African elephants. Enjoy an ”elephant sleep-over” in unique accommodation overlooking the boma; or spend the evening relaxing in the communal lounge, watching the elephants snooze…

Do elephants lie down or stand up when they sleep? Come and see for yourself! The Park’s elephants enjoy world-class facilities: during the day they have the freedom to roam the property, but at the end of the day they come back to their boma / night camp for a pampered night’s sleep. The elephants have the freedom to choose where they sleep, inside or out (depending on weather conditions) as we do not restrict their movement to inside the boma alone. They also have access to a dam, a variety of additional food, enrichments and treats to supplement their complex dietary requirements.

The communal lounge will soon be providing surveillance visuals by live streaming, just in case you miss something exciting!

Rates include as many Daily Guided Tours as you would like and an early morning experience with the elephants. Rates include breakfast (set menu) at our onsite restaurant Indlovu Cafe. Elephant Picnic Walks and Afternoon Walks are extra and pre-booking is essential. Rates are valid from 1 May 2019 – 30 April 2020. Other meals are not included and rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Lodge guests have the opportunity to book any of our Elephant Walks less 20%!

The Elephant Lodge Rooms

Children under 3 years stay free – cots available on request

Please note that The Knysna Elephant Park is temporarily closed until further notice