Fiela goes into the field

fiela-joins-herdOn 9 April we took Fiela out into the field to join the female herd for the first time. It was a very big day for Fiela and a very nervous one for the rest of us watching! She met the herd in the camp and then walked out with them to the field. Understandably, she was a bit nervous being near to the other large elephants and they were a bit scared too. All things considered, the introduction went very well and the first steps in getting Fiela more comfortable around her elephant family were successful. Since then, we have been taking her out daily and she seems to be slowly bonding with the other elephants.



Keisha has proven to be very protective and chased her down out of concern when Fiela ran off in search of her humans!

Thandi is also becoming far more tolerant and is allowing Fiela to stand beside her. We look forward to things improving even more as the days go by.2013-04-15-thandi-fiela


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