Help us feed Fiela


A baby elephant needs to drink 10 % of its body weight to survive. Every litre over this maintenance feed adds to growth and good health.

Under normal circumstance she would be getting this from her mother. However, as Fiela’s mom rejected her, we are now hand-rearing her using special human baby milk formula powder. And not every milk powder is suitable for elephants – we use S26-Gold, as it has been shown to have the best nutritional composition for elephants.

  • Fiela weighs approximately 90 kg at present. 
  • This equates to drinking at least nine litres of milk in a 24 hour period.
  • At the moment she is averaging about 10 litres of milk daily (sometimes as much as 13 l!).
  • Every 2 l of milk is made up with 240 g of milk powder
  • This means, over a 24 hour period she is consuming 1200 g (1.2 kg) of milk powder
  • A tin of S26-Gold weighs 1.7 kg and costs R229.99
  • This means Fiela’s feed costs R162.00 per day, which equates to R4860 per month (and this is just the milk powder!!!)
  • And this is only the start….she will be on milk for about two years. When she is three months old, her milk consumption will have tripled to over 30 litres in a 24 hour period. This equates to R486 per day and R14 580 per month.

The herd (both humans and elephants) are appealing to you to help us feed Fiela. AERU and KEP are presently paying for most of her milk, but every little bit helps, so we have set up a special bank account to try and fundraise for Fiela’s milk. If you would like to contribute, please email for details. You can also click on the donate button on the AERU facebook page:

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