Popaea comes to visit!

popaea-aldridge-2Poppaea Aldridge, a little girl from England who just turned four, came to visit the Park, and instead of asking for birthday presents from her friends, she asked for money to be donated to AERU – Knysna Elephant Park’s research unit. She and her family are long-standing friends of the Park and have visited us every January for the last three years. This year, she came especially to present her gift to her favourite elephant – Mashudu. She brought with her a carefully selected watermelon for Mashudu as a special present. Presents were also given to Sally and Keisha. We presented her with an AERU T-shirt, as a way of making her an honorary elephant researcher. She is a real conservationist in the making and we are already looking forward to her next visit already.

popaea-aldridge-1 popaea-aldridge-5 popaea-aldridge-3

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