Seeing Stripes this Summer!

On the 23rd of October, we were very excited to wake up and welcome a new baby zebra to the park! A few days later however her mother, Mica, was “stolen” by a rival male and unfortunately this caused Mica to reject her baby. This resulted in us stepping in to care for the baby, who we named Mala. We got Mala when she was only 4 days old and she was hungry, scared and had many wounds. After treatment and lots of love and care from the AERU family, she has turned into a feisty little zebra with lots of energy and a huge appetite!

Looking after any baby animal is a lot of work! Not only does Mala need regular feedings, but she needs a constant presence and comfort source – which means someone always needs to be around! Luckily our awesome team (staff and volunteers) have pulled through and Mala now has many friends to keep her company through the day (and night!)

Mala Update – 14 November 2018: Last weekend we decided to find Mala a companion. This led to us getting a little goat named Bokkie! Over the weekend, Mala and Bokkie had some good time to get to know each other and have become good friends – spending time together eating, sleeping and playing as well! A BIG thank you to Renè at Plett Pancake Paradise at The Manger for loaning Bokkie to us.

Mala (left) & Bokkie (right)


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