Translocation to Inverdoorn

Bully and Nduna move on to expanses of Inverdoorn …

Bully and Nduna were two elephants that the Knysna Elephant Park group took into their care at the Eastern Cape rehabilitation centre, EOE. These elephants needed new homes, ideally in game reserves. Knysna Elephant Park was not an option for them due to its capacity only supporting a certain number of elephants. The search therefore began for a suitable new home. Luckily, Damien Vergnaud was also searching at around the same time – searching for elephants to complement the other animals at his beautiful Inverdoorn Game Reserve. This year, on 9 October, Bully and Nduna finally made the trip to their new home. We believe they will both be very happy in the expanses where they are now. We will give you feedback on how they are adapting when the AERU volunteers next do a field trip to follow up on their progress.

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