Happy Birthday to our Matriarch!

Knysna Elephant Park staff and volunteers braved the rain today to put on a massive birthday buffet (complete with giant orange ice lolly!) for our very special matriarch, Sally … Happy Birthday beautiful Sally!

A bit more about Sally …..¬†Sally is in a unique position in that she became the matriarch by default. She was the first elephant to arrive at KEP, along with Harry, and being female she naturally assumed and grew into the role of matriarch. Now Sally may not seem the most maternal of leaders (she does hog food and tends to spend quite a bit of time on her own), however, this does not mean she doesn’t care … The minute one of the girls squawks, especially Nandi or Thandi, Sally is immediately on the alert and keen to fix the problem. As the protector of the girls, it is her duty to keep the boys in check and she does this with verve and determination. But in times of need, she is definitely there for the boys as well. Thanks Sally for being a wonderful leader and protector!


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