Update from AERU

2013-03-13Here’s an update from our volunteer department, who are doing a fabulous job of looking after baby Fiela!!

Fiela has had a very good day today and although she doesn’t appear to sleep very well during the day, often resulting in a bit of grumpiness, she has started to settle quite nicely into a nightly routine of eating, sleeping and pooping. She doesn’t like to sleep with blankets on her, and appears quite put out at times when we insist upon it on cold evenings, although this pales in comparison to getting her bum wiped, which almost always requires a volunteer or staff member to chase her around her pen with a clean bum cloth only to be met with a loud howl when we are finally successful. What she does love it to eat, so here she is with Abi, begging for yet more food just shortly after she received a big feed. Abi does not look convinced she is hungry.

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