Update on the babies

Thandi’s baby – Fiela

Thandi unfortunately does not want anything to do with her baby! After two days we eventually gave up on the hope that Fiela could suckle from her, and we started the bottle-feeding process. She is loving this!! She drinks a litre of milk every hour and is amazingly strong! We are still hoping Thandi will come around, but are pleased for now that Fiela is drinking and doing well.

Nandi’s baby

Nandi went in to labour at 11h30 yesterday afternoon. Strangely this labour did not progress as quickly as it usually does with elephants. At around 17h15, the baby was born, but it was a stillborn. All the elephants gathered around the little body for a very long time. This was an extremely sad ending, but we are trying to see the positive in it. Perhaps this means that Nandi will adopt Fiela as her own, so that Fiela can actually suckle and not have to be bottlefed.

We will keep you posted!

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