Frequently Asked Questions


Each elephant has their own story….

The only life that Sally has ever known

On average, elephants have the same lifetime as humans, roughly 65-70 years.

She was born with only one tusk, genetics due to big tuskers being poached for the ivory.


No, we stopped elephant back riding in March 2018

Yes, you are welcome to take photos with the elephants in the background. We also have a team of professional photographers who can take photos for you which you can then purchase in the curio shop as prints or digital copies.

Children of all ages are welcome on our experiences, given that they are accompanied by an adult.


For the most part, the Park is wheelchair friendly. The “Meet our Herd” tour has been adapted to be as wheelchair friendly as possible. Unfortunately our Elephant Nature Lodge & Elephant Walks are not wheelchair friendly.

Yes, we have a beautiful private venue which we use for weddings and other private experiences.

Yes, we have a beautiful 4-star Elephant Nature Lodge