Our Team

Ian and Lisette remain the owners of the Knysna Elephant Park.

The team consists of about 65 staff at any one time, all working towards providing the elephants with the best possible care; and giving the guests the best possible elephant experience during their stay at the Park.

The Elephant Team
This team consists of our elephant managers, handlers and guides. Many of them live with us on the Park, making sure that the elephants are looked after around the clock. As a visitor to the Park you will meet them in the field where they look after the elephants and assisting with daily tours – personally introducing our visitors to our elephant family. Supervisors Geoff Phiri and Mac Juwa have been with the Park since 1997…they have literally grown up with the elephants! Together, the team presents a combined 120 years of experience with elephants.

The Maintenance and Boma Team
Behind the scenes, working equally hard is our maintenance and boma team. These builders, electricians and gardeners make sure that everything (from the buildings and equipment to the bomas and gardens) is in working order, that facilities are clean and safe. We also have an amazing browse team that concentrates only on finding and cutting food for our elephants: alien vegetation (Port Jackson, Black wattle, etc,) from surrounding areas.

The Front Office Team
Our ‘ladies’ play an extremely important role on the Park: This team includes the administration staff, reception, front office and lodge staff, as well as our awesome cleaning ladies that keep the Park looking spic and span.

The Research and Volunteer Team
Researchers and volunteers from AERU (African Elephant Research Unit) live and work on-site – monitoring the elephants, collecting research data and helping to provide the elephants with the best possible husbandry and welfare….working towards AERU’s primary objective: Research Guiding Elephant Management.